Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the 10 worst portages ever

10 worst portages, ever
Canoe roots
In the article the 10 worst portages it is amazing the kind of things that these people did with a canoe on there shoulders and a pack on there back.
I give this article 4 out of 5 because some of the story’s that people wrought about sound pretty intense.

There are stories about portages that are long and that seem never ending and there are portages that are short but impossible these ones are more interesting and dangerous than most of the long ones. The short portages are about 4 KM and that is way longer than anything that I have done and are way harder than anything that I have ever seen. The longest portage that they talk about is 400KM long and going 50 to 60 KM every day! My favorite portage they talk about is when they have to use ropes to get across the side of the mountain or else they would fall it sounds like it is all ready impossible with out a canoe.

This article makes it sounds like impossible is possible depending on how determent you are.

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