Monday, January 24, 2011

A Self-Rescue Technique - Andrew Westwood

Title of book: Ottawa Outdoors
Title of Article: A self-rescue technique
Author: Andrew Westwood

Ok picture this, you are canoing in the middle of a lake or a river, until a big boat comes by making some really big waves and making you tip your canoe. You fall into the water and don't know how to get back in and it is too far from the shore to swim. Well, by you reading this article, you can find out how to get back in the canoe. First this technique is only good for one person at a time and not two, because you wouldn't be able to co-ordinate with your partner to make this work. First, after the canoe has capsized, tip the canoe over the way it should be. Second, grab hold of the canoe on either side of it and push it down and up to give it a rocking motion, so that while you are doing this, you are making the remaining water inside the canoe rush out of it. Next grab the canoe on one of the sides ( try to grab the canoe in the middle of it) then push the canoe down, then when the canoe is down reach for the top of the canoe, then pull yourself up into the canoe.

By Jon Mulder

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