Monday, January 24, 2011

Mountain Bike Tips for Twisty Bike Trails - Stef Manzoni

Title of book: Ottawa Outdoors
Title of article: Mountian bike tips for twisty bike trails page# 7
By: Stef Manzoni

This article is really great if you are wanting to know how to go biking in the moutains. Some of the things that ot tells you to do is to focus on where you are wanting to go, but you got to make sure that you dont look anywhere else you where you look you are going to go. So when you are doing this the bestest way to do that is to look a couple of metres infront of you. When you are going faster then you are wanting to go then you should look even further up ahead. If there is something in your way you got to make sure that you do not look at it for to long because you will drive right into it and you must look for the bestest way to get through that obstical. When you are going around a corner and you are going really fast you can use your brakes to get past the corner, but there is another way for you to get past it. All you are having to do is to raise the peddle up on the direction that you are going (so if you are going right raise the right peddle). When you are doing this you should have the best chance of not hitting anything with that peddle because of it being higher in the ground. Also when you are doing this you should always have your body always pointing in the up position, but you are aloud to bend you legs. To help you to keep in the up position you should use your arms, because you using your arms help you keep balance.

By Jon Mulder

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