Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowboarding Injuries and Prevention

Rating: ****

After being disappointed by the last snowboarding article I read, I began to look for another one. When I found this article, Snowboarding Injuries and Prevention, I remembered that in my second year of snowboarding I had fallen and fractured my wrist. I decided that this would be a good article for me to read.
This article tells us that the main injuries people get when snowboarding involve the ankles, knees, and of course the most common, the wrists. The wrists are the most common because when you fall when you're snowboarding, your arms are automatically extended to try and stop the fall. For each injury it shows possible, it also tells what safety equipment can be used to prevent that injury. For the wrists, there are wrist guards, which I now use.
The one spot where I wish they would have included more detail is where they were talking about ankle and knee injuries. It says that if you keep your boots too loose then you're more prone to ankle injuries, but if they're tight then you're more prone to knee injuries. I would like to know if there is a happy medium or something a person could do to try and prevent both.
I really liked this article because I learned what I can do to prevent any future injuries when I go snowboarding, and I also learned about things that could happen that I wasn't even aware of. I would recommend anyone that snowboards or that wants to try snowboarding to read this article.

ABC of Snowboarding. 'Snowboarding Injuries and Prevention.'

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