Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Upward Growth of Snowboarding - Abraham Frazier

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This article, The Upward Growth of Snowboarding, caught my eye because I started snowboarding just three years. This article gives a history of how snowboarding was invented and is becoming increasingly more popular.
In the article, it says that Sherman Poppen was the first person to create a snowboard; or something similar to a snowboard. He nailed skis together to try and help kids learn to skate better. This is true that this man did do this, but after I looked it up, he was not the first to invent a snowboard. Two years earlier, a young boy in the eighth grade, Tom Sims, made a snowboard (or ski board as he called it) in his shop class at school. After seeing this on several other websites, I became skeptical if all the facts in this article were accurate.
I also noticed that the article had several spelling and grammar mistakes, including spelling the word 'through' as 'thru.' It made me upset that I had just read an article, and now I wasn't sure if I should even pay attention to anything I had read. It made me think once again that you cannot trust most things that you see on the internet.

Outdoors Articles. 'The Upward Growth of Snowboarding' by Abraham Frazier. April 2010.

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