Sunday, January 16, 2011

TED talk 1

Dee Boersma: Pay attention to penguins

She talks about how the population has increased in the last hundred years. Penguins can swim for 173 km in a day, they can sustain 7km/h. Emperor penguins can dive more that 500 meters and hold their breath for 5 minutes. Penguins are comical and well dressed. The penguin population is decreasing. Humans effect the environment so severely that the population of penguins has gone down from 2000 to 500 in some colonies.

She starts to talk about humans and then starts to go on about penguins...She changes her topic quite rapidly and talks about many species of penguins and how we are effecting their population and the environment. It was not like I didn't already know this by watching many documentaries on penguins and how we are effecting them. It was really nothing new to me.

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