Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcome to Survival School by Jason Mcbride

Welcome to Survival School by Jason Mcbride


This article is about the author`s experience at The Art of Wilderness Survival Course. The author is from Toronto but says that as a kid he was a fan of Tom Brown. He goes to the Survival School to reconnect with nature. The School is run by 3 graduates of Tom Brown`s survival school. The author and about a half dozen other students are there for the workshop. Their first lesson is how to make a fire from a bow drill. They will also learn how to boil water, identify plants, make animal traps, collect water, and many other survival skills. Among these basic survival skills the students are also taught to be aware of their surrounding, they achieve this by using the concepts of the Owl Eyes, and the Fox Walk. The Owl Eyes is simply unfocusing your eyes to increase your peripheral vision, and the Fox Walk is essentially a slow walk taking high steps. The author admits that after doing these things he did notice more wildlife. The article ends with a story about a woman who reluctantly took a course at the Tracker school and it ended up saving her life.

This is an informative article about what survival school is about. These courses seem fairly useful if you ever get caught out in the woods unprepared. I think it would be useful to take a course like this because you never really know when your car might break down on an empty road, or you get lost in the woods on a hiking.

Jason Mcbride, Welcome to Survival School, Explore Magazine, May 2010 Issue, January 17, 2011

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