Monday, January 17, 2011

Between A Rock And A Hard Place-Aron Ralston

Rating: ****

Between A Rock And A Hard Place is a gripping novel, that grabs your attention quickly, and gets incredible as you keep reading.

The book is about Aron Ralston, who goes on a solo hiking trip outside of Moab, Utah. While on his trip he meets two girls and helps them find their way, once parting with them he continues into Blue John Canyon. As Aron heads down into the canyon, he dislodges a boulder that follows his fall into the canyon. The boulder pins his arm against the canyon wall, and Aron finds himself stuck. After a variety of failed attempts to dislodge his arm, Aron is left with limited options. He can either wait for an unlikely rescue, or do the unthinkable. Ralston had a limited amount of water, and two burritos, he survives the next six days. He suffers from dehydration, hyperthermia, and starvation. Finally, after the final day, and thin options, Ralston decides to amputate his arm and walk out of the canyon.

I enjoyed this book because it shows that you shouldn't take things for granted. Ralston was cocky throughout most his life, and it shows where he ended up. It also shows what could go through some ones mind while under strenuous circumstances. It shows that you shouldn't give up, and to never give up hope. I'd recommend reading the book before seeing the movie 127 Hours, however James Franco does an incredible job as Aron in the film.

Ralston, Aron. Between A Rock And A Hard Place. 2004

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