Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby-Proofing Your Wilderness Campsite

This article discusses about one mother's camping experience at Algonquin Provincial Park that nearly killed her youngest son from eating poisonous mushrooms.

Her family was out camping with a couple of family friends, and she had placed her baby on a swing hanging from a tree branch. The parents had overlooked the fact that under the swing, in the reach of the baby, were wild mushrooms. The baby had managed to grab one and eat it, not knowing what it is. The mother had noticed, and tried to do anything possible to stop the mushroom to take its effect. The baby's stomach was empty, so the mother fed the baby some milk in his bottle in orderto upchuck the mushroom before it reached the stomach. In the end, the mushroom was wild, but not poisonous, and their camping trip was then continued.

This article was enjoyable to read, although it was shocking, as well. It made me rethink about undergoing a normal camping trip, because you really don't know what's around you (until you perhaps consume it). The article had also mentioned that the mother was watching her child very stressfully after he had upchucked the mushroom, checking if he would have imperfections on him cased by the mushroom. This made me worried about me and my family, that I would hate for this experience to happen during a normal camping trip; and if it would happen, I certainly wouldn't know what to do besides call the emergencies.

I would recommend this article to anyone who has an interest in camping with family and children, because there is much to know about safety with children in the wild.

Rogers, Samantha. "Baby-Proofing Your Wilderness Campsite". Outdoor Adventure Canada, August 2008

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