Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bigger Than Rodeo - Tyler Fox

Rating: **

The article "Bigger than Rodeo" is an informative piece that describes how extreme creek kayak racing os steadily becoming a spectator favorite on a global scale.

The article describes exactly why kayak racing is so popular and why people keep coming back to watch. Kayaking is similar to watching a movie where even just for a moment, the audience lives through the racer's experience and that adrenalin rush runs through both boater and spectator. Sponserships and hefty cash prizes have started following the racing phenomenon that is now being deemed a sport. Even if you have not yet experienced the thrill of a race, with the growing popularity, it is becoming increasingly easy to find one that suits your skill level.

" Extreme racing is the way forward, it's only going to get bigger every year!"

Fox, Tyler. Bigger Than Rodeo. Rapid, Summer/Fall 2010, vol 12, no 3

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