Monday, February 28, 2011

What to do if you fall through the ice-Dave Brown

Rating: *****

This article gives clear and simple directions for what to do if you ever fall through the ice in the outdoors, and is important for anyone who is planning on being active outdoors to read.

The article has four simple rules for someone to follow if they happen to fall through the ice. The first is to remain calm, because the cold shock will be overwhelming for your body and breathing. You should also always know which direction you are coming from and going to when travelling so you can always orient yourself to safety. Once you pull yourself from the water you must warm up your body slowly to prevent organ failure. The main message of the article is to avoid thin ice in the first place to prevent falling through, but if someone does fall through and can't get out following these steps they should get their arms onto the ice so they can freeze there and keep you afloat if you pass out.

The message is obvious in this article: stay away from thin ice. Be aware of where it is and be safe by avoiding it. This article was very easy to understand because all of the rules and tips are clear and straightforward. I learned that you can't pull yourself straight up out of the water because your clothes weigh you down. You have to kick your legs up to a horizontal and then pull yourself out. This situation is another example of the importance of rational thinking in outdoor survival, and one should always be prepared for the worst and be aware of their surroundings while spending time in the outdoors.

Brown, Dave. What to do if you fall through the ice. Outdoor Life. February 27, 2011.

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