Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Close to Heaven.. AND HELL

Rating: ****

Close to Heaven.. AND HELL is the story of Mathieu and Varial, two off-trail skiing enthusiasts and their adventure through the peak of Banff national park in Alberta.

That’s also what off-trail skiing is about: being where nobody else is, and feeling like you’re on another planet.” This article is a descriptive true story of two best friends who travel and off-trail ski on the peaks of Banff national park. If you’re wondering what off-trail skiing is, Varial describes it as “.. two to three hours of hiking – sometimes more – for about five to ten minutes of skiing.” We follow these two friends as they ski on three different peaks and on their last peak of the day cause an avalanche. I enjoyed this article so much due to the description that the author gives. I felt like I myself was in Banff skiing and hiking along with them.

I highly suggest you read this article.

Varial. Close the Heaven.. AND HELL Pg. 21-23

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