Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A Leg To Stand On

This is an amazing real life experience that the man, william jeracki with be able to live to tell. The story showcases jeracki's bravery, courage, sacrifice and determination as he self-amputated his leg to survive

The article tells; it was a late evening when william jeracki at the time age 38 was fishing by himself when a large boulder had fallen out of place on to his left leg. He knew there was a snow storm on the way, and with the knowledge and sacrifice, jeracki had tied his leg up and began cutting the flesh around the knee till his leg was only half of what it was. Will had crawled to his truck and with only one leg managed to drive to the hospital in a stick-shift vehicle. without knowing if someone would ever find him, he did what he thought was right, he went with his gut.

the article made me abit more cautious of my surroundings and to try to be more logical but yet do what i think is right when im in a bad position

i recommend reading about this true story by clicking the link below

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