Friday, February 18, 2011

Close to Heaven and Hell-Anna

Rating: ****

This was a very interesting article it showed that even when you feel that you have so much freedom and so much to discover there is always danger.

This article is about two cousins who go off-trail skiing in Banff National Park, even though they needed to climb for hours for just a five to ten minute skii they still do it because they love the fresh snow and the travel. While they were off-trail skiing an avalanche came, one of them was buried under snow and with them being 5 hours away from people they don't think he'll make it but luckily rescue was called from the sunshine ski patrole, it turns out that they were only 1 hour away from the ski area.

I enjoyed this article because it showed that its not always the skiing itself that is the best part its the journey to get there (there hike) and the adventure of skiing on the fresh snow where people have not skied on. It also taught me that even when your doing something that seems amazing theres always a risk of dangerous things to happen.

Varial, 2010. Adventura Magazine

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