Friday, February 18, 2011

Lost in the Woods

Rating: ***

Getting lost in the woods is something that can happen to everyone at any time, so you should always be prepared for this case. That’s why I choose this article.

The article is about how to behave when it happens, talking about the STOP-System. This consists of four steps: Staying calm, Thinking about how you got lost, Observing the surrounding (footprints, landmarks etc.) and Planning your way back (including marking your trail). It mentions what to do if you want attention from search teams or other people in the woods: In the daytime a smoky fire, in the night a bright one. Shouting or blowing your whistle three times shows that you need help.

I definitely learned a lot from this article. However, I think it should be a bit longer and more detailed. Right now, it just seems like a quick list of things that can be done, not a well researched article that can be trusted. Considering the target audience of the text, I think a rating of three stars is fair.

Haddaway, Rich. “Lost in the woods! Now what?”., November 2004. Online.

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