Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Survive (Almost) Anything - Canoeroots Staff

Rating: *****

This article provides useful tips and tricks for 21 different situations, ranging from the serious to the not-so-serious. It contains information on what do do if you lose your canoe, are attacked by a moose, or are forced to go on a trip without Facebook.

This article contains a variety of senarios, and how to deal with them, in just five pages. It is a short read, but very interesting and very helpful. For each problem, there are several tips that deal with what to do when it happens, and also how to prevent it from happening in the first place. That is a very nice detail which ensures that you always know what to do in that situation, even if it doesn't turn out as bad as it could have.This article also keeps things from getting to serious by throwing in a little humour to lighten the mood and keep you interested.

I would recommend this article to anyone about to go on a trip so that if something does happen, you know what to do. I would also recommend this article to anyone who likes reading about survival, or is a fan of Les Stroud, because although he deals with more extreme stuff, survival is survival.

Canoeroots Staff. "How To Survive." Canoeroots Summer/Fall 2010: 39 - 43

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