Friday, February 18, 2011

Canoe to canoe rescue

Canoe-Over-Canoe Rescue-Andrew Westwood

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Since canoeing is commonly done in groups of people in multiple canoes, the canoe-over-canoe rescue can be done with relative ease after a few practices.
This article is about how to rescue someone how has capsized in their canoe and how to get the back into it safely and quickly. This maneuver is shown with only one person in the rescuing canoe, but it can be done with more people.
The first step is to have the swimmer or swimmers grab hold of the front and back of the canoe to ensure their safety, and account for all paddles. The next is to grab the front or back of the capsized canoe, tip it slightly (to prevent suction of the canoe to the water) and pull it on board. Then empty the canoe of any excess water. Place the canoe beside yours and hold the sides of the canoes together, slightly tipping the canoe so the swimmer can enter the canoe easier. Continue to hold the canoe beside yours until the swimmer is in a stable kneeling position and ready to start paddling again.
Westwood, Andrew. “Canoe-over-canoe rescue.” Ottawa Outdoors, 2007

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