Monday, February 14, 2011

In the Cold... With No Body Heat. (SURVIVE!)

By: Backpacker

rating: **

Imagine falling into a below- 45 degree cold river. This article teaches you how to survive and prevent hypothermia. First find a spot where there is no wind and if possible, in the sun. Then dry off by taking all your wet clothes off, put your dryest clothes on or if you do not have any, start a fire and sit on a pad or pack. If you are still cold, set up your tent and unroll your sleeping bag so it is ready. Do jumping jacks and heat up a warm beverage preferrably not alcohol or caffeine (sugary drinks or foods are known to help boost a hypothermia victim, gain body heat). If the victim is slurring words, refusing help or seems confused, zip them up in a dry sleeping bag, raise their feet, and place bottles or a bladder filled with warm water in these key areas; chest, back, groin and head. Cuddling up beside someone will not warm them up faster then putting bottles of water in these spots and will just make you cold as well.

This article has taught me what to do if I go out hiking, how to take care of someone and prevent hypothermia if they fall in the ice or cold water. Although if your out hiking just for the day, you may not have brought a sleeping bag so some of ideas might not work if you do not have the right equipment. In the end, this is always a good thing to know incase you come into a situation like this, you will know what to do and what symptoms to look for.

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