Monday, February 14, 2011

Coyotes Wander the streets of Ottawa

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Coyoytes are now starting to become an everyday sight for some people in Ottawa. Our city has grown and its still growing into thier habitat. They are being forced to come into our streets and live beside us because we are destroying what used to be thier ecosystem.

The article I found was very interesting although i did not agree with some of the statements they were saying. "homeowners and farmers should learn to coexist with the coyotes", this one line I very much do not agree with because I have personal experiences to say about this. Last year about this time we lost 3 calves to coyotes. I found them all, it was not a pretty sight. We have seen the size of coyotes and recently they have been getting larger and larger, maybe due to inbreeding with wolves. This article does prove a good point! If the animals are not causing harm to anyone or anything than we should just learn to live with them but if and when something happens, action needs to be taken. Coyotes are usually a passive species although if we tempt them then things can go bad, and fast. Coyotes are a beautiful kind of dog and we should learn to live with them even if they are in our backyards. Personally I would recommend this article to someone wishing to find out more about coyotes but there are some things not mentioned that should be.

Gardner, Simon. Coyotes wander the streets of Ottawa. CBC news article. August 25, 2009 last updated

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