Friday, February 18, 2011

Kidding Around on the Trail Head – Hap Wilson

Rating - ***

Hiking is not for everyone, but what could be a better way for a family to connect than hiking at the cottage? Little hikers get bored easily, so make it fun for them. Happy kids make a happy family!

This article provides many useful tricks about how to grab the attention of the little ones while taking a family hike. Making a "gnome" trail, guessing the "singer" of bird calls, and making scavenger hunts with small dollar-store prizes are some of the many ideas that are given to interest the little ones. Children are very "hands-on", so collecting pieces of fallen bark, leaves, moss, feathers, stones and nest materials are wonderful ways to help educate them on the natural exhibits and habitats that surround them at the cottage.

This article has reminded me about how much I enjoy hiking with my family at the cottage. Hiking along the new McGeachie trails was one of the highlights of my summer. This article surely convinced me that when I have little monsters of my own, I have to make it fun for them. I never liked hiking when I was younger, and it took me a long time to really appreciate it. Knowing how much effort it took my parents to convince me to like it I would recommend this article to any family that enjoys the connecting journey of a hike. The youngsters have to enjoy it for you to enjoy it. So connect with your family, and the great outdoors; go on a hike! You never know what you might find, or who you may encounter.

Wilson, Hap. "Kidding Around on the Trailhead". Cottage Life Sep.-Oct. 2005, volume 18, number 5, page 66.

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