Friday, February 18, 2011

Northern Dancers - Kendra Toby

Rating: ****

Many people look forward to them, some don’t know what they are, nevertheless the article, Northern Dancers is a very informative and interesting article about the northern and southern lights, and it’s an easy read.

Northern Dancers is an article about the formation, where, and when northern and southern lights occur. The formation of northern lights consists of the sun sends protons, and electrons to earth, where they get bounced off the earths atmosphere, making tiny sparks. Eventually as enough sparks collide with one another, we get what we know as northern lights. Mrs. Toby also discusses the origin of the northern lights, and how the Inuit’s believed that these captivating lights in the sky were a way for them to view the, “sky people” playing different types of games.

Northern Dancers is a very fascinating article about northern lights, and it really made realize, and appreciate the beauty of world. This article made me more aware of the northern lights and when they are at their strongest to view, so next time they are out I can view them in their full light. It also made me proud to be a Canadian as we attract many tourists that come to Canada just to view these lights, which we see about 12 times every year. I think I’ve become more informed on the northern lights and hope to share this new found knowledge with those who want it. The next time I see these lights I will remember this new found information and look up at the natural beauty of these lights.

Without a doubt, if you are gaining knowledge or looking for information on the northern lights, then reading Northern Dancers is a must as it is an easy read with a lot of interesting facts.

Toby, Kendra. “Northern Dancers.” Wild Magazine for Kids. February 1998.Pages 44-47. Print.

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