Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Last Frontier - Kimmy Fasani

Title of Article: The Last Frontier
By: Kimmy Fasani
Rating: ***

This article is a great read if you like to snowboard. It is about a group of girls experiences in Alaska, but this article may also appeal to boys due to its content. The article is full of information, good and bad, about the hills that they visited and weather they recommend boarding there or not. This article is also equipped with all the new up and coming equipment needed when boarding. The article also has a story of when one of the girls was caught in an avalanche and how afraid she was, the author then told me, and all of the other readers, how to deal with an avalanche if you ever got stuck in the middle of one. If you would like to know about snowboading in Alaska, this is a great article to read and has givin me ideas of where i would like to travel in the future to go on a great snowboarding adventure.

Snowboard Girl Magazine, Winter 2011

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