Thursday, February 17, 2011

Running From Last Place - Alisa Smith

Rating: ***

For some people running is a lifestyle, means of exercise or a way to stay in shape. For others it's simply an escape from the world. For this woman, running was the thing that changed her life.

This article greatly demonstrates how what may have seemed impossible in the past, can be acheived in the future through hard work and dedication. It describes a 38 year old woman who has never really been in shape, or enjoyed physical education. She had started running as a way to stay close to her friends, but was confronted with a huge obstacle when they decided they were going to partake in a local marathon. She decided to go along with it as another oppertunity to help her get in shape, but after she was told the minimum distance they would train on was 10 kilometers ( double the distance of her personal best), she began to second guess herself. In the end, after all the mental and physical exaustion she had sufferered, she finished the marathon on her feet ( a goal she had set out for herself since day 1).

The article really moved me by demonstrating how the littlest thing, like getting back into shape or completing a marathon, can mean so much to somebody. What I found comendable was, not only did she just finish the marathon, she finished in the middle of the pack as well. Even though she would fall and sustain countless injuries, she would never let them stand in the way of the goal she set had out for herself.

The opening statement of the article quoted a famous line from race-car driver Ricky Bobby, saying "If you ain't first, you're last." While some people may base their entire lives on this principle, as I did, you cannot help but admirethose who can still cross the finish line.

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