Friday, February 18, 2011

How to make a bush martini

Rating: ****

How to make a bush martini is an instructinal guide of 20 skills that are pretty much essential to become an outdoorsman.

This article is an easy way for anyone to learn some very useful skills in only a few simple steps; from improving your swimming skills, to learning how to clean out your sleeping bag. These 20 skills are almost essential for anyone who wants to experience the many wonders of the outdoors.

This article has given me some helpful hints and techniques for how to act and respond to the many pressures of the outdoors. It has shown me the easiest way to manage time on a portage when there is just too much gear to carry for one walk. It has also shown me how to react if I should ever meet a bear in the wilderness. Most importantly, however, this article gives quick steps to making some, if not the best oatmeal (well in the outdoors)! I also found it intresting because of the diffrent contributions of all the authors.

This article is a must read for any beginner outdoorsman. It is also a great read for any veteran outdoorsman who wants to see if they are doing things in the most effective way possible.

Davis, Jakie, Bruce Kirkiby, and Kevin Arnold. "How to make a bush martini." Explore Sep.- Oct. 2006, Issue 141

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