Monday, February 28, 2011

What to Pack for Trail Emergencies in Winter

What to Pack for Trail Emergencies in Winter

By: Ethan Schowalter-Hay

If you are preparing to go hiking during the winter, you should bring all the necessary equipment you will need and learn how to use it, incase of a winter storm. The likelihood of getting help during a snow storm is very slim because of the travelling issues through the weather.

You will need extra clothing incase you need to take layers off or put more layers and and to always have dry clothing. Extra socks to prevent you from getting immersion foot incase your feet get cold or wet. Immersion foot causes a reduction of blood flow i the foot which can have harmful, problematic consequences. You will also need a sleeping bag and water bottles incase someone/you develop hypothermia.

A first-aid kit should be part of you pack no matter what circumstance in any trail. the first-aid kit should include; bandaging, scissors, antibiotic ointments, nonprescription medications, etc. Make sure to include enough medications you need to take incase of an emergency such as; a puffer, epi pen, etc.

Pack some food, keeping your energy in harsh conditions is important and heating fuel incase of injury, while you need to rest because of an injury for example, some fuel for a portable stove could help you melt ice/snow for emergencies. Make sure to pack some waterproof matches or a lighter into a protected, dry place in your bag.

Important gear are the ones that can help you get someones attention of where you are if you are hurt or need help. A cell-phone can be very useful, beacons, signaling mirrors and flares. A Space blanket can also reflect light if it has a refelctive bright coloured side. A small shovel can come in handy if you need to dig a snow shelter, and flashlights are useful to see at night or in dark areas (batteries just incase also).


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