Monday, February 28, 2011

Why grades dont matter

rating: **

This article is about Will Gladd climbing a huge frozen water fall and trying to rate i based on danger, gnarliness, and difficulty. The article says that ice climbers have a hard rating climbs beacuse the rating differs depending on the time of season for example, 4 could mean really easy if its winter and the ice is hard or dealy hard if its spring and the falls are melting. He desids to rate it a WI 10 ( wate ice 10 ). When he posts this on his blog he get a lot of angry phone calls and and posts, beacuse a 10 is the highest you can rate a climb and when he posted this he was implying that that was the hardest climb ever and he had all taken all braging rights from everyone else for himself, wich was him goal. He also liked to argue with other climbers about climbs.

This article has tought me that i will never ice climb because it seems like a lot of agruing and rating.

By: كيغان بيتي

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