Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 Healthy and Easy Snacks for Winter Campers - Craig and Allen Macartney

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Many people don't know how to eat healthy food as a snack. They also don't know what the best things to eat are in a snacking situation. Since Winter camp is only a week away i believed that this article was very relevant to mine and plenty others situations.

This article informs you of the best snacks to eat in the making of or during winter camping. The snacks are nutritious and will give you the energy boost you need. This article also explains why the snack items are the best choices.

The first snack suggestion is: peanut butter, honey, cheese and crackers. It says that this snack provides plenty of protein and calories to sustain your hunger. The second snack item is: tuna and pita pocket. This snack is also full of protein and is very easy to make and very fast to eat.
The third snack item is: pepperettes, sausage or beef jerky. This snack item is good because winter campers need a fat-heavy diet to stay warm, especially at night. The fourth food snack is one that many people already use: granola bars. They give you good natural energy is you get the right ones (real fruit, lots of oatmeal, honey, and nuts.) The last snack item is: GORP. It stands for "good old raisins and peanuts." Its always nice to add some chocolate chips too.

This article was a really good help for me because I will be having the chance to use it. It taught me not to get any thing with to much sugar in it and to eat snacks with a good source of protein. I would recommend this article to any that is or planning on doing winter camping so that they can be fully perpared for their trip.

Macartney, Craig and Allen. "5 Healthy and Easy Snacks for Winter Camping." Ottawa Outdoors. Fall/Winter 2009/2010. Page 15. Print.

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