Thursday, March 3, 2011

Running From Last Place-Alisa Smith

 Rating: ***

  This story is about a young woman who believes she is not very good at sports but still tries out anyway. The latest sport she tried was running. She wanted to try a running marathon , except that she had only ran a five kilometre run once.

  Alisa, the main character of the story explains the struggles she has had to face while playing sports. She started biking again in her twenties after deciding not to be the athletic one in her family. She went on to do a variety of sports including mountain biking, skiing, most of the sports she did not do well in.  Alisa eventually took up marathon running. At the start she had a very difficult time running the practice courses, the 10 km run, and kept a journal of her daily runs.  After months of training, Alisa had her first marathon against 4000 other runners, she ate very little and ran in a terrential downpour. Knowing she had put so much effort towards this marathon, she tried as hard as she could and finished in 4 and a half hours, finishing ahead of 2000 runners.

  This article is meant for anyone who requires motivation to start or continue with a goal, to complete the object even if they are not perfect. This article tells of a young womans struggles to  better herself. I would recommend this article to anyone who needs a push to get started  for a sport.

  In this case the quote from Talledega Nights "If you ain't first you're last." does not really apply here, especially when you work hard for something you want.

 Smith, Alisa. Running From Last Place. Explore, September, October 2010 issue 165 pg 29.

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