Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adventure's Dark Side

rating: ****

This article talks about different incidents in the wild where people were looking for adventure but were unprepared for there surroudings and did not take the proper safety measures.

This article talks about when someone was back country skiing in the chic-choc Mountains with there friends. On there last night there was a huge snowfall and they almost stayed to ski a little but more, luckily they decided not to because they had found out the next day that a different skiier had been killed back country skiing not to far from where they had been.

I enjoyed this article because it talked about many different incidents of people being unprepared in the wild for example it talked about Aaron Ralston who got his arm caught under a rock and had to cut his own arm off, the spot where Aaron was was farmiliar to him but he made the mistake of not telling anyone where he was going. This article talked about little things you can do to make your trips safer; carrying a cell phone, a topographical map, and if you get caught somewhere in danger, wait for rescue to come for you.

I think that everyone should read this article to know that there can be danger wherever you go especialy if you are not prepared and don't take proper safety measures.

Chritian Lévesque, editor, Adventura Magazine


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