Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ricky and the Big Race - Mark Schatzker

Rating - ***

This article tells the story of two friends who enjoy cross-country skiing, but have a bit of competition when they ski with each other. It also demonstrates how easy it is to fall out of an exercise routine.

So two friends both enjoy cross-country skiiing, but one of them (Ricky) is able to ski faster and further than his friend. That friend (Mark), however, has better technique. So Mark signs up at the Silver Star Technique Camp in order to train so that he can leave Ricky behind when they ski. But when Ricky and Mark ski, there is a fair bit of competition between them. So Mark challenges Ricky to a race, after he returned from the Camp. Prior to attending the camp, Mark starts to train. For the first couple days, the training goes well. But when the roads are closed, he stays in and has a couch potato day. His routine goes something like this: eat takeout Chinese food, sleep, watch TV. After that, Mark is unable to get back into his routine of training for the Camp, but when he gets there... well, let's just say that it was interesting how his condition wasn't actually that bad.

This article show how competion can inspire friends to push themselves to new limits, but also how easy it is to stop training, and how hard it is to get back into that routine. While this article does tell an entertaining story, and highlight some aspects of training, it is a worth reading if you are trying to find reasons to stop training. This will get rid of those urges to stop. But all in all, a very good read. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys cross-country skiing, or who wants to start training for something but doesn't know how.

Schatzker, Mark. "Ricky and the BIg Race." Explore Winter 2006 :74 - 82

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