Friday, March 11, 2011

How to get the bugs to bug off - by Francis Manlcu

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As soon as I hear the word "mosquito", it instantly brings me to a nice summery day at the beach with the hot blazing sun and moderatley warm water. Wait- I'm forgetting the wretched mosquito part. They ruin the whole idea of peace and tranquility when you are constantly trying to shoo them away with the pathetic wave of your hand. Blackflies are another story! For the first few weeks of summer, the bites from these teensy monsters are almost enough to send you out of the forest. "Bees and wasps will only harm you if you harm them first" is the only phrase that my dad can say when I shreik at the sight of a bee or wasp. How are we supposed to know what they think is harmful to them? They are only the size of our fingernail after all!

After reading this article, I learned that there are 74 types of mosquitoes in Canada, you shouldn't smell like you have good hygene around mosquitoes, garlic is pointless to scare away bugs, female blackflies do the blood-sucking deeds, and wasps can attack again and again. It was clearly stated what not to do about these bugs, but what are you supposed to do to get rid of them?

Many would think that bug nets, staying away, benadryl and "itch stick" are the basic remedies for saving yourselves from the bugs, and that new technological devices and $40 creams work much better. They are wrong! When your parents say "stay away", trust them. As much as I hate to admit it; they are right.

This article really gives me a better understanding towards the bug problem in the great outdoors. Taking the crazy, out-of-control measures are not always the smartest. Basic is better. I now feel more comfortable about this situation, and know that there are methods that will get rid of them without causing me too much money and effort. I would highly reccommend this article to anyone paranoid about such creatures, and preparing for a trip to the outdoors.

Manlucu, Frances. how to get the bugs to bug off. Ottawa outdoors, summer/fall 2007

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