Monday, March 21, 2011

Interlude on the Sea of Whales-- Max Finkelstein

Rating ****

With articles everywhere being written about global warming and environmental issues, this article puts in perspective how humans are taking over the lives of marine animals in the world, especially in Canada.
Finkelstein takes a look at the history of whales and other aquatic mammals living in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. He states how abundant these animals were in the 1500s, and how over-fishing has made them a rarity or even extinct in certain areas. Today, exploring for oil and gas has taken its toll on the creatures as they come to the surface covered in oil, or are being driving away by high-tech high-energy noises used to find hydrocarbon deposits.
This article caught my eye because of my love of the ocean and everything in it. The author made me realize that, in future generations, we may not be able to experience some of these animals that I cherish. I agree with him when he says that he is worried about the fate of these beautiful marine creatures.

Max, Finkelstein. "Interlude on the Sea of Whales". Kanawa Magazine. Summer 2010. Page 30-33. Print.

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