Monday, March 21, 2011

What You Need To Know About Cold Weather Sleeping Bags – Nicole Roberts

When planning an outdoor trip during the months of winter proper equipment is always necessary because the harsh cold isn’t kind. One of the most important things to look at when packing is your sleeping bag if you’re staying overnight outside. Just any ordinary one won’t do, you need a special made one with more insulation and larger size to provide a suitable amount of warmth. The first thing to look for is temperature rating; anyone marked for 0-30 degrees is suitable for outdoor activities. Also it can be used during the fall months as well. Most people have the illusion that the higher the rating is the more warm the sleeping bag will be. The sleeping bag will not be warmer just more sustainable during even colder temperatures. The next thing to look for will be the size of the bag. It all depends on the trip whether you want your bag to have a tight squeeze of to be roomy. The colder the temperature for where you are going you would probably want a tighter squeeze as the roomier bags for warmer conditions. The final thing to look for in a proper sleeping bag is the insulation; the amount of loft in the bag is a good indicator to see how much insulation has been put in. More lofts means the bag will last usually longer than one with less.

This article in an insight for me to buying a new sleeping bag because the one I have right now is really old and not very good. Also since we live in Canada most of the months is winter so buying on of that weather is more beneficial as I can use my old one for summer camping.

I recommend this article for anyone who is new to the winter outdoors or just buying a new sleeping bag for cold weather for the first time.

Rating: ****

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