Thursday, March 31, 2011

Keepers of the Light -- Lynn Tanod & Chris Jaksa

Rating: ***

Many people are losing their jobs due to the economy, and the light-keepers in British Columbia are no exceptions.
Since 1860, when George Davies created beacons along the B.C. coast, light-keepers have played a role in saving the lives of boaters. Many people don't know that they have also provided first aid to lost hikers, cougar attack survivors and waterlogged kayakers, and monitor environmental matters. These men and women endure hours of isolation but the government wants to start automating the lighthouses to save money. Not only will 42 light-keepers be out of a job, but many lives will be put at risk.
These light-keepers love their job and they help the lives of others. The government should not automate the lighthouses because many lives will be put at risk, and they will still need to pay someone to fix the automated beacons. Without light-keepers, many people would not be alive today, like rescued kayaker Steve Sims, who said, "Thank God there are people in those light-stations."

Tanod, Lynn and Jaksa, Chris. "Keepers of the Light". Explore Magazine. Oct/Nov 1996. Issue 81. Pages 26-32. Print

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