Friday, April 1, 2011

Thinking of not wearing your helmet?

Rating: **

 If you think you look cool not wearing a helmet, then this article will prove that not wearing a helmet could end your life.

  This article was pretty scary, the images and dialogue itself, was a scary read. Alex was having a nice evening bike ride, while training for a race. He had played it safe, Alex told his father were he was going and told him what time he would be back. At the last three kilometres from home Alex was going through an intersection when a vehicle pulled in front of him. The driver underestimated his speed, which was 40km/h. Alex's bike was completly totalled and the vehicle had a dent from where he hit the side door. Alex hit the side door head first, if he hadn't of worn a helmet it would have been very messy. The condition of the helmet is a good indicator of how close his life was to ending and how this simple safety tool saved his life.

  This story is a fine example of why you should wear a helmet, so the next time you dismiss your helmet, try and remember it could save your life.

Keen, Gord. "Thinking of not wearing your helmet?". Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall 2008

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