Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Mountain of Hype - Will Glad

Rating: ****

With more and more people “climbing” the once impossible summit of Mount Everest, and going on to be motivational speakers, Will Glad (the author) has quite frankly had enough. Thus, he writes this very interesting article about how easy it has become for people to climb Mount Everest.

A Mountain of Hype is a very informative article, giving the reader knowledge about how much easier it has become to climb Mount Everest, with quotes such as “it’s not too bad”. It has become much easier because there are guides that provide the easiest route and oxygen to climb the once terrified mountain. The thing that really makes the author frustrated is that these Mount Everest climbers are becoming motivational speakers, talking about there life leading up to, and after the climb. When really these people are dishonest because they really didn't do the real vigorous climb. When there are people like himself who are actual motivational speakers are finding it tough to find a job, if every second person is claiming that they climbed Mount Everest.

This article made me aware that although sometimes, some things sounds very challenging there is always an easy way out to things. Unfortunately this easy route is the one most often taken by people. While there are people out there who took the harder way and they don’t get any recognition. I learned that more and more people are climbing the largest Mountain in the world, and then taking a career in motivational speaking.

This article is definitely worth a read as it gives us an opinion of someone who isn’t impressed with the feat of climbing the worlds largest summit, but has evidence to back it up. It is a short article, with easy vocabulary plus it has a funny sense of humour through out.

Will, Gadd. “A Mountain of Hype.” Explore, Canada’s Outdoor Magazine.
July/August 2010. Page 18. Print.

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