Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter Camping Tips- Darren Cope

Rating ***

Since next week I will be spending the night outside with this class, I thought it was only suitable to do my article on winter camping.
Darren Cope helps first-timers (like me!) with advice on how to have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience.
Darren shares advice about clothing. He explains how cotton gets wets and stays wetter more easily than synthetic clothing or wool. He next emphasised the importance of layers on your body and hand. He also, described the necessity of circulation in your feet (so boots worn should be loose). The author finished by explaining the difference between waterproof and water-resistant parka/pants. Water-resistant gear is more effective because waterproof clothing blocks moisture and soaks your inner clothing layer, making you cold.
Daren next explains the importance of water. You must stay hydrated if you are building your shelter so your body can continue to work efficiently. If you are using snow to make more water, Darren recommended using ice or crusty snow because it produces more water than fluffier snow. Finally, because water freezes, he advised keeping the water bottle inside your coat. Also, if the water does freeze, it will freeze from top to bottom, so he explained to keep your water bottle upside down so you can still open it.
Darren finishes his article by putting emphasis on preparation. Darren recommends that if it is your first time, you should camp close to the indoors or your car in case something goes wrong. He explains how things are harder in the snow and cold and advises leaving extra time to set up (also because it gets darker sooner in winter). The author clearly describes the appropriate place for a winter shelter, this being somewhere out of the wind and not in the lowest area (because warm air rises).
Overall, reading Darren Cope’s educational article made me feel better prepared for the upcoming winter camping in class. With the author’s enthusiasm and excitement on the outdoors, I am very excited to have this experience.

Winter Camping Tips/Darren Cope/ Ottawa Outdoors magazine/2007-2008

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