Monday, March 21, 2011

Ottawa: Whitewater Kayaking

Rating: **

The Ottawa river is one of the greatest rivers to go whitewater kayaking on. We have held two world freestyle kayaking championships, in 1997 and 2007. The rivers shows many sections that are great for all kayakers, ranging from beginner to expert. The waters are very warm during the summer and the depth of the river is very safe. The "Rocher Fendu" is known to be the best spot on the 12km stretch. The 8km run takes a good part of your day, although an experienced kayaking may be able to complete two runs in one day. Some of the drops are levelled at classes 3 and 4. The information that Dave Cooper adds, are some of the many special named features of the river (e.g. Butcher knife, McRoy's Chute, and angel's kiss, etc..). They also added directions to starting sites and finishing locations.

This article was well done, but it could have been more in an article format. It almost seemed like an advertisement or as a message for tourists. They tell you what you should expect from this river and the great features that comes with the kayaking. I was interested in finding more about the whitewater kayaking on the Ottawa river, because the reviews sounded very good and i am even now tempted to go out and try it (but at a beginner level).

Explore magazine, Cooper Dave

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