Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 new things to keep you warm By: Ryan Stuart

This article is about the many new gadgets coming out this year to keep you warm and dry. This new gear ranges in price from $70-450. The products range from reusable hand warmers to boots to jackets.
Here are three of the ten gadgets listed in the article. The Sanyo eneloop kairo KIR SL2 is an electric handwarmer that costs $70. You can reuse it up to 1,000 times. They last for about three hours. The Helly Hansen Enigma pants are a pair of breathable, insulated, and stretchy snow pants that cost roughly $450. They are best used for downhill skiing and/or winter camping. The Tilley Tec-Wool Hat is a weather-resistant, breathable and light. It can be purchased for $75. It has earflaps that can be removed and a secret pocket in the roof of the hat.
This article would be very helpful if I did more outdoor activities, and had $400 to spend on these types of products. I would recommend this to anyone who spends their life in the outdoors. I didn’t enjoy it very much but I’m sure others would.

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