Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Very Long Swim - Jeff Jackson

Rating: ***

'A Very Long Swim' was a very informative article about the tradition of swimming.

'A Very Long Swim' talks about one of white water's wackiest traditions, swimming. The article talks about how in the past it was common to see rookies boobing down the main lines of commercial rafting river. People would swim down rapids for pleasure, until Stan Hollister drowned while swimming down rapids in 1993. Tosay, it is common to see people swimming down commercial rafting rivers.

The article makes me want to go swimming down rapids. By swimming down rapids you would get a pump of adrenaline going through your bones. Swimming through rapids would be exciting and dangerous at the same time. There is a drowning risk of swimming through rapids, but people swim through rapids anyways, because it is an adrenaline rush.

I would recommend this article to people, so they learn mare about the histroy of why we swim through rapids.

Jackson, Jeff. "A Very Long Swim". Rapid Magazine, Early Summer 2010. Print

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