Friday, March 4, 2011

Playing the adventure game-Bruce Grierson


Playing the adventure game is a great article about how people try to grab attention and be the first to explore, and be the worlds greatest.

This article is about how so many people in the world try to be unique and are trying to find ways to be the first person to do everything. With the Guinness book of world records, people have started to come up with loop holes to become the first at something and everything. It's impressive to be the first woman to climb Mount Everest, but the first Chinese woman and then the first women under 25 to climb Everest becomes less impressive and almost boring. This article shows that new explorations should be found, or at least a diffrent way to do what has been done, something different enough that it's still amazing even though it has been done before. For example, David Perlman was the man to make a sail boat and then sail it across the Atlantic, now he wasn't really the first, but he was the first to make his boat completely out of garbage. Something very unique and almost out of this world!

This article has shown me that even though some people have had some amazing adventures, they're not always as well documented because they're not always trying to be bigger and better than all of those that have been accomplished before them. So if I were to try an amazing adventure that I wanted the whole world to hear about, I would do my best to try and do it in a way that would be unique and adventurous to get as many sponsors and get my name out there before I even leave the country.

Grierson, Bruce. "Playing the adventure game. " Explore Mar.-Apr. 2010: 4. Print.161

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