Friday, April 1, 2011

How to hydrate this summer - Geordie McConnell

Rating: *** Learning how to keep yourself hydrated is for me, one of the most important things to know about while doing any sort of exercise. This article explains the way you become dehydrated and how being dehydrated affects your blood circulation. It gives various examples of how getting dehydrated will affect your physical activities and how sometimes its better to have things like gatorade or powerade over water. This article has taught me that when you become dehydrated, you blood lowers in volume meaning there is less blood available to carry nutrients to working tissue. It has also taught me that by even just sweating out 4 percent, it can cause a drop of 30% in someones performance level. Aswell as that when your thirst, it means that you have already started getting dehydrated. Reading this article has changed my thought on dehydration. Before i wouldn't have ever thought that keeping hydrated was so important but now I will be sure to bring more liquids then I did before. It has also made me think about how serious this is and I feel like everyone should be informed of this. For when it comes to any trips in outdoor ed, I will be sure to let everyone else know to bring alot of water and/or other liquids. McConnell, Geordie. "How to hydrate this summer." Ottawa Outdoors. Spring/ Summer, 2008. Page 14. Print.

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