Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking


 This article is great if you have an interst in whitewater kayaking and are a beginner.

 This article explains the absolute basic necessities for kayaking. The tools and equipment required on a kayaking trip would be as an example, a life jacket, helmet and a paddle. The most important focus presented in this article is to take lessons or learn from an instructor. This is a sport where the tricks are hard to learn on your own, and lessons could gaurantee your safety. Knowing how to get into and out of the kayak is important so you don't get your supplies wet. When you flip upside down, it is important to stay calm and relaxed. Exiting the kayak is simple so long as you peel off the skirt from the cockpit and pull yourself out. Learning about kayak movements such as the forward stroke, back stroke, forward sweep, and back sweep, are essential tools to learn if you want to be an accomplished whitewater kayaker.

 This introduction to kayaking is a good article to read because warmer weather is approaching and we could be doing it soon enough.

Roddick, James. "Introduction To Whitewater Kayaking". Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall2009

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