Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Candian women recounts bear attack

Deb Freelefrom London Ontario was attackde by a bear while camping in the montana U.S.A Deb and her husband took a month long vacation to go camping in the U.S. During the night Deb woke up in her one man tent to a bear biting her arm, she screamed like she nevered screamed before. Her husband was in a a separate tent down by the creek and didnot hear her. Deb could not hit the bear as the bear had her from behind, so she decided to play dead. She went totally limp and did not say a word. She waited and the bear was still chewing just abit then he stopped and just went away. Deb could not believe that it had worked. That same 2 other campers were also attacked one died and the other one just had injuries. Deb was very lucky to walk away with just a broken forearm and cuts down the bone of her arm.Wildlife officals said Deb did everything right, her campsite no food left out. They say the bear was after people which was rare.

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