Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rating: ****

Green Camping is an Idea Whose Time has Come

Like Craig Macartney said is his article, no one wants to start there camping trip off cleaning up what the last visitor has left behind. I thought this article gave a lot of good information on how to keep your campsite safe, clean and not interfere with the environment.

In this article Craig Macartney talks about a number of different ways to make sure that you’re not doing any damage to the environment while you are camping. He talks about how RVs take a lot more gas then tents do, how it’s important to bring a garbage and recycling system of your own, and what wood you should be using for your fire. He also talks a little bit about the effects that some of the stuff has on the environment.

I thought this article was really interesting and now I know things that I can do to make sure that I’m “green” camping.

Macartney, Craig. “Green Camping is an Idea Whose Time has Come.” Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. Summer/Fall 2010. Page: 10-11. Print.

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