Friday, April 1, 2011

Thinking of not wearing your helmet? Think again. A Father's Story - By Gord Keen

Rating: *****

As soon as I read the title of this article, I was instantly hooked. If there is one genre that really grabs my attention, it is trauma. As The average 15-year old, I am horrible at wearing helmets. I make up excuses like "no one else wears them" , "I will look dumb", and other ridiculous things like that, but now; after reading this article, I will start thinking twice. "Our Son was on the groud covered in a blanketmwith a pool of blood around his head..." This is a direct quote from the article that made me think hard- that could have been me. Or anyone for that matter. At the beginning of this article, it started with the description of that day, but when it evolved to the phonecall of the careless driver that hit Mr. Keen's son, it made me want to keep reading. In the article, it was described as an "average" accident, but when I pictured the pool of blood around his head, nothing about that seemed average. Throughout reading this traumatic article, I learned a lot about the importance of bike safety. Like many other bike riders, I believed that wearing a helmet would prevent an injury, but it was proven evident in this story that it is not always the case. The author of this article provides a hidden message to readers that although not all drivers are careless, one small mistake can cost a life. He also convinced me that weearing a helmet may not prevent any injury, but it can minimize the severity of it. Mr. Keen's sons injuries would have been fatal if he wasn't wearing a helmet. "Drivers will make mistakes, so anticipate them..." The author of this article did an excellent job in convincing me; the reader to take all of his advice, and put them into action. If you are looking for a informative, yet exciting read, then this is the article for you. Keen, Gord. "Thinking of not wearing your helmet? Think again. A Father's story."

Ottawa Outdoors magazine. Summer/Fall 2008. pages 20. Print

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