Friday, April 1, 2011

The Unbearableness of Being Light - Will Gadd

Rating: ***

It has become strikingly apparent that more and more people resort to carrying a lighter backpack when on outdoor expeditions, to move quicker when in the outdoors. However has moving quicker due to lighter packs given people an arrogant factor about them? All of this is discussed in Will Gadd’s article.

The Unbearableness of Being Light by Will Gadd is an article that really shows us how cocky and arrogant people can be when trying to essentially show off when on outdoor expeditions. The article focuses on how people take lighter packs, which yes, is better as it allows for less weight to be carried, however some outdoorsmen are beginning to think that, “ I move lighter than you so I’m a better human being.” To prove that this isn’t necessarily the case Gadd goes back through history to find demonstrate people like, John Rae, who in the mid 1800’s went to Northern Canada with nothing else than his axe and his gun. Then bringing a more recent situation of how arrogance got an alpinist by the name of Tomaz Humar climbing the world ninth largest summit with only a 40 litre pack! To put that in perspective most people will approach a peak of that magnitude with a pack carrying gear of hundreds of pounds! Of course this cost him getting stuck, and getting saved. However not learning from his past mistakes Humar did the same thing again, sadly costing him his life.

This article had made me more aware that mother nature and it’s surrounding’s cannot be taken lightly when going to serious situations. It also made me aware of the fact that packing a little more really never hurt anyone, if it can save someone’s life, it’s better to be prepared than to not be prepared.

If you noticed Gadd does articles like these in almost every issue of Explore, but he has uncanny way of using his sarcasm to make people aware of concerning issues with the outdoors. This article is definitely an eye opener at least for myself, and is something you should read.

Will, Gadd. “The Unbearableness of Being Light - Will Gadd.” Explore,
Canada’s Outdoor Magazine. Winter 2010. Page 22. Print.

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