Friday, April 1, 2011

A Trip of a Lifetime

Rating: ***

This article is about a 16 year old and his parents going on a hunt. The family flew on Wilderness Air into Canada, and once they landed, they fished and set up bait. The boy and his dad had been waiting for only 45 minutes when a bear entered the area. The boy shot the bear with his father’s rifle, which his dad have to him after the kill was confirmed. He says he hopes to someday take his family to that spot, where he can give his own son the rifle.

I thought this article was fairly interesting, even though hunting isn’t something I’m interested in. Being set in Canada, it made me want to go out and explore the country. Canada is a massive place with beautiful landscape, and we should all take the opportunity of enjoying it.

Brintle, Rodney;

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