Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Canoeing Myths - Cliff Jacobson

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If you've ever been confused about rules or tips you hear for canoeing, like whether it's good to stand in a canoe or not, then this article is worth a read.

A common myth is to never stand in a canoe, but Cliff Jacobson, a professional canoe guide, explains that standing is how experienced paddlers get a better view while approaching rapids or just all the time. If you can't stand confidently in a canoe it's probably because you don't have the balance for it. Another myth is to use a sea anchor when headed into the running sea to keep your canoe upright and stable, but when he tried it his anchor got snagged on a rock and he was in the water with a swamped canoe. Your best bet is to always use proper paddling technique. Another myth he explains is that catamaran canoes(two canoes lashed together)aren't ideal for serious sea because poles break, lashings loosen and water splashes in for a very wet ride. This method can work but only if you have hard-decked canoes, high-strentgh composite poles and really solid hull-fittings.

There are a few other myths clarrified in this article so if you want to learn more, take a minute to check it out!

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