Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Tips for Beginner Campers

10 Tips for Beginner Campers

By: Allen Macartney

Rating ****

This article is excellent for beginner tips to help you get set/ready for a life with many camping experiences. These tips might be basic but there very helpful.

The tips start out by planning a car camping weekend close to home. There should be facilities like washrooms and showers nearby. You should check the weather several days before you go and only go for a weekend that has nothing but clear and sunny skies. You should bring a tarp and know how to use it because you don’t want to be having dinner when its pouring outside and it also can give you shade when the sun’s too much. Pack a cooler with food like steaks and baked potatoes. Bring anything that makes you comfortable is what this article is saying, bring a good sized tent, sleeping mat, plan activities to do, take warm clothes and make a checklist so you don’t forget anything important at home.

This article is very good for a beginner camper. The information is right on and should put campers on the right track.

Magazine-Ottawa Outdoors
Page 8-9

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